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Raleigh - Durham - Chapel Hill - Triangle Fighting COVID

Volunteers Fighting COVID-19 in the Triangle North Carolina

Volunteers Fighting COVID-19 in the Triangle, NC

Face shields and PPE that protect doctors and nurses from COVID-19 airborne splatter are in short supply.

We are 3D-printing face shields to provide healthcare professionals with the protective gear that they need to stay safe!

Where can I buy PPE?

So you still have money to purchase PPE but you can’t actually source it? If you do not need donations we are starting to identify North Carolina manufactures that are now online selling PPE.

Where can I donate PPE?

So you have PPE but you want to donate it?

Slack chat room

We live and work in the Raleigh - Durham - Chapel Hill metro area just like you. Please join us on Slack here to chat with us: Join Slack (link updated May 8th, 2020)

Please join the channel #zlocal-us-nc-triangle


As hospitals and front line workers run out of PPE (personal protective gear), people around the world are creating solutions to save lives.

We are a bunch of nerdy engineers in the Raleigh - Durham - Chapel Hill metro area collectively known as “the triangle”, and we are 3D printing face shields to help protect workers from airborne splatter.

I highly recommend it if you are unfamiliar with 3D printers, face shields, and what we are trying to do to check out this YouTube video: I promise it is worth the watch.

Here is an example of my (Sean’s) sister up in the DC metro area using a 3D printed mask in their community-> mask example


Check out some videos that volunteers have made to help!

Spread the word

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