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Purchasing PPE

We are trying to curate a list of local manufactures and suppliers that are now able to supply PPE (personal protective equipment) in North Carolina.

Table of Contents

Low Quantity




They are also able to do large quantities as well (1000+), but it is more rare to do small quantities so I am listing them here first!

Bright View Technologies

Website: Bright View Technologies is producing face shields. They are based in Durham, North Carolina.


I am putting this under low quantity because they can sell units of 10 via Amazon but they would prefer to sell in increments of 250. Please put them in contact with your local supplier so that they can do larger orders and drive costs down for everyone. They can do huge orders as well, so they can produce thousands of shields.

Two ways to order:


Website: Based in Chapel Hill, NC

They are selling:


Topo Distillery

Website: Based in Chapel Hill, NC

Selling hand sanitizer in the following increments:

Use the website link above to order

Triangle PPE Incorporated


Selling: Locally Manufactured Face Shields, both non-branded, or branded with custom company name & logo.

branded example unbranded example

Quantity Non-Branded Custom Branded
10 - pack (price per Shield) $5.00 $7.00
50 – pack (price per Shield) $4.50 $5.75
100 – pack (price per Shield) $3.95 $5.10

Call us for prices for larger quantities. 919-525-1418.

Weaver Street Market

Weaver Street Market has locations at:

They are selling:


masks for sale disposable masks sanitizer

High Quantity

I have already talked to two NC manufactures that can produce various PPE. The only drawback here is they are used to selling larger increments. We do not want to overwhelm them with small orders or they will not be able to fulfill them.


Website: Gilero is producing face shields. They have a plant in Pittsboro, NC (Chatham County)

gilero shield

We can do introductions to Gilero’s sales director if you are able to purchase larger quantities, or you can work with us and we can do a group buy option.

I have higher resolution pictures and measurements here:



sharpeco shield

Based in Winston Salem, NC they can create and distribute the following PPE:

They are used to doing shipment of 1000 units at a time but will work with smaller orders as they come.

So that would be $3500 for 1000 face shields. Again we can do a group buy, but if you are a larger practice this is a great option.


Sneeze Guard:

sneeze guard

Disposable mask:

disposable mask

Cloth mask:

cotton mask

Face Shield

face shield